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NSAA researches transgender policy

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

NSAA board members listened intently as they plan to tackle a tough issue, transgender.

Those are people who identify with the opposite of their biological sex.

Members are talking about a policy involving transgender students participating in sports.

For example, girls wanting to play football or wrestle, and boys wanting to play girls' tennis.

"We have students that are making decisions about gender identity, we do have some students in the state of Nebraska that have just entered into high school that may request to participate," Executive Dir. Rhonda Blanford-Green said.

There isn't a policy regarding transgender issues in Nebraska and in some states that do have one, the student has to go through some kind of evaluation before being allowed on the opposite gender's team.

In Wednesday's meeting, the NSAA board decided not to move forward until they do some research.

"Education is key to any subject. There are tons of resources out there in regards to transgender students," Blanford-Green said.

Resources that could help the board assist NSAA member schools in coming up with a proposal that will lead to a set policy.

Blanford-Green said the main goal is to be proactive when making decisions on transgender issues.

"It's not about advocacy, it's about education and being able to make decisions that are non–discriminatory and are in compliance with Title–9 law in regards to gender identity," she said.

 Right now, 16 states have transgender policies.

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