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Workers taking heat precautions

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Posted By: Camila Orti

Workers stuck outside in the heat are doing what they can to keep cool.

Despite the heat index of 102 degrees, roofers are still outside getting their work done.

"We want to work, you know, but some days you just can't," White Castle Roofing manager Luke Hansen said. "If you get a breeze like this you can be fine, but sometimes we just have to say, okay we're done at noon, go home, we'll start tomorrow because we don't want anyone to get hurt."

The past couple days have been the hottest we've seen in about a month, but Hansen says they haven't been hot enough to affect work.

He says this summer has actually been pretty mild.

"This summer has been great, I don't think we've had to actually take a day off especially for heat this summer," Hansen said.

Roofing on those even hotter days, Hansen says, is not very fun.

"You feel like you're drinking a lot of water 'cause you are, but you're sweating so fast that you just can't take in enough water," Hansen said.

Workers are told to take lots of breaks in the shade. This is besides, of course, drinking plenty of water. Some roofers say they drink at least two gallons a day, in addition to the Gatorade management provides them.

Long pants and hats keep workers cool by protecting their skin from the sun's rays.

The important thing, Hansen says, is to know your own limits.

"It's basically just, you've got to know yourself so that you know when you need to take a break," Hansen said.

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