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Jenkins & The Good Time Law

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By: Jenn Hatcher

A big question is why was Nikko Jenkins out of prison?

Jenkins was released on July 30th.

After his release, Omaha police believe he went on a killing spree.

Court records show Jenkins served about ten years on an 18 to 21 year sentence.

"The fact this sick monster was on the streets is very very troubling," says Nebraska Attorney General, Jon Bruning. 

According to the Department of Corrections, Jenkins was released under the "Good Time Law."

The incentive is offered to anyone in the prison system without a life sentence or a habitual criminal sentencing enhancement.

UNL law professor, Steven Schmidt, says, "what that really means is that they will serve on less than half of the bottom number and no more than the full number depending on whether he behaves in prison.

Good behavior is what's being questioned.

While in jail Jenkins was convicted for assaulting a peace officer.

"He certainly didn't seem to earn it based on his behavior while he was incarcerated," says Bruning. 

Bruning expects the good time law to be a hot issue this next legislative session.

He's considering putting it in his recommendation package to lawmakers.

"There has to be a balancing act but I think there's more that can be done to protect the public from the Nikko Jenkins' of the world," says Bruning. 

The attorney general doesn't want to completely do away with the good time law.

He thinks nonviolent offenders deserve the incentive.

But hopes more can be done to warrant who deserves an opportunity to be unshackled early.

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