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Dog breeder to be sentenced for dog neglect

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By: Lauren Fabrizi

A dog breeder's neglect for nearly a decade has finally been put to an end. A dog breeder facility in southeast Lincoln has had nearly 10 inspection reports in just two years, and more than 70 dogs left without water in unsanitary living conditions.

61-year-old Julia Hudson of Malcolm was charged with animal neglect back in February. In a plea deal, she pled no contest Thursday to misdemeanor cruel neglect and was found guilty.

Luckily, Hearts United for Animals stepped in and removed about 20 dogs from Hudson's facility. Pauline Balta is a long–term volunteer with the shelter. She said this case has hit her really hard.

"I always say that if I stop shedding tears that I'm beyond feeling bad for them, then I've become calloused to it," Balta said.

Other shelters also came in and took some of the dogs. Balta described some tell–tale signs to determine if a facility is irreputable.

"They will not want you to go to their breeding facility," Balta said. "That would be the biggest first warning."

Instead, Balta said breeders will want to meet potential buyers in open spaces like supermarket parking lots.

Channel 8 reached out to Hudson's attorney. He did not want to comment at this time.

But Balta said the dogs the shelter has taken in are making great progress. Some of them have already been adopted.

"It's like, wow - life can be good!" Balta said. "They're really happy."

Hearts United for Animals plans to hold a demonstration Monday at 8 a.m. outside the county courthouse to raise awareness.

Hudson will be sentenced in October.

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