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Protestors stand up against animal cruelty

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Posted By: Camila Orti

Close to 200 people gathered in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse Monday morning to stand up for justice in an animal cruelty case.

Protestors describe Julia Hudson's dog breeding facility as "a shack of horrors."

"It is truly one of the absolute most worst sights that we have seen," Director of Hearts United for Animals Lori Hook said.

Last week, Hudson pled no contest to animal cruelty and neglect. Hearts United for Animals rescued nearly 20 dogs from her property, located in Malcolm, back in April.

"Every one of the dogs that we rescued were in terrible shape, Eric Clapton here has no lower jaw, it just completely rotted away," Hook said.

Law enforcement reported finding dozens of infected, underweight dogs in filthy conditions.

Renee Runge adopted one of those rescues, now known has Cocopuff, who even made it on to some of the signs.

Cocopuff had infected eyes, a hernia, weak knees and missing teeth.

"It was just very sad that, she's just a little thing and it doesn't take much to keep them healthy and happy," Runge said.

Senator Ernie Chambers stopped by the demonstration to show his support.

Hook says she wants the judge to ban Hudson from breeding dogs so this never happens again.

"She just cannot have dogs again, she cannot repeat this," Hook said.

If the judge implements Statute 28–1019, Hudson wouldn't be able to own animals for a period of five years.

That's what protestors say they're hoping for.

You can expect to see the group of demonstrators back for Hudson's sentencing in late October.

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