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Water Testing

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In an effort to be proactive, Lincoln Water Works will be testing the Platte River as flood waters get closer.

If the body of water is contaminated, there is a plan in place to keep it out of your sink.

Last week, flood waters from Colorado entered Nebraska via the South Platte River.

The water continues to move east and by Sunday or Monday will make its way to the Lincoln Water Treatment Facility in Ashland.

"At this point, we don't have anything to be concerned about," says John mMiriovski, with Lincoln Water Works.

Folks to the west are warned to stay away from the water because of raw sewage, dead animals, pesticides and chemicals from gas and oil wells in northeast Colorado.

Lincoln water works will do chemical testing in three places; where the water is cresting now, near Lexington, near Duncan, prior to where the Loop River water empties into the Platte and past Columbus, where water from the Loop and the Platte mix.

Miriovski says, "Once we get all these results back that will tell us exactly what we maybe dealing with."

If the water is contaminated, there should be no impact for water customers.

Wells in the river will be shut off, which isn't a problem, because there's plenty in reserve.

They sometimes do the same thing in the spring because of farm chemicals that run off the fields.

Right now, the water facility is pumping one-third of the supply collected the last few months and demand is lower.

"Let's say this was happening in the middle of the summer time and we needed the water that might be a different story."

The test results are a top priority for the State Health Department and should get back to water management fairly quickly.

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