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Watching for Repeat Offenders

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 By: Jenn Hatcher

For the third time, a Hampton man is behind bars, charged with sexually abusing a child.

Repeat offenders are common and jail time doesn't seem to be stopping some criminals.

The Child Advocacy Center says this is a good example, why parents should always check who their children are with.

"It is pretty common that we see multiple victims by the same perpetrator," says Cari Simpson with the Child Advocacy Center. 

48–year–old Ross Shepherd was convicted of sexual assault of a child in 1997 and 2010.

He was released from prison last March after serving half of his five-year sentence.

Credit he got from Nebraska's "Good Time Law."

Now, in York County, less than six months later, he's accused of sexually assaulting a seven–year–old.

He faces four new counts, dating back to August.

"Sex offenders know how to do this.  That's kind of ammo.  They know how to charm people; they know how to build your trust, so that you allow children to be with them."

The details in this case are unknown," says Simpson.

Simpson recommends parents check the sex offender list often.

"We always recommend, if you know a sex offender, whether it's a relative, whether it's your best friend, you do not let them be alone with your children," says Simpson.

Simpson also thinks everyone should be doing there research during election season, since issues like restricting Nebraska's "Good Time Law" will likely come up for debate.

"People do take this to heart when were talking about child sexual abuse and I think it's really important that you know who the judges in those cases are, what are the laws in Nebraska and how does our legislature view it," says Simpson.

Shepherd was arraigned Tuesday morning and his trial is set for November 13th, because of his past he could be sentenced 5-50 years per count, if convicted.

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry can be found at:

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