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Friends, family honor Jesse Osmon's birthday

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

 Jesse Osmon made plans for his 21st birthday, which he would be celebrating this Sunday.

"It was a big day, he was looking forward to his 21st birthday, he was going to go with his friend, Travis, to the boats," his mother Kelly Osmon said.

On June 6 Jesse lost his life in a motorcycle accident near the Branched Oak Lake Dam. Police say he struck a guardrail and landed on a grass embankment; he was still alive. He laid there for almost an hour before someone called 911.

Now, four months later, his mother keeps thinking 'what if'.

"It breaks my heart because I sat there wondering, what he was thinking while he was laying there, wondering if someone was going to help him not, and he didn't get the help," she said.

Police say there were people at Branched Oak Lake that heard the crash happen, but never took action. Osmon said an earlier call to 911 may have saved her son.

"Even if you don't want to get involved, if you're scared, whatever your reason is, at least pick up your phone and dial 911, because in this instance, if somebody had done that, Jesse could have been here today possibly," she said.

He'd also be able to celebrate his 21st birthday. Friends and family will release balloons with notes enclosed at the Alvo Cemetery, so they can honor Jesse's special day.

"I'd just like to wish my son a happy birthday," Osmon said.

 If you do witness someone in an emergency don't assume someone else will help, your action just might save their life. Authorities say at the very least, call 911 right away with the location of the person in trouble.

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