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Lincoln man feels discrimination from the DMV

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By: Jenn Schanz

Matthew Nolde has been driving for sixteen years, in many states, and has clean driving record.

But his latest trip to the DMV ended poorly when he tried to get a Nebraska drivers license.

Nolde was born without hands and feet.

Despite having no trouble operating a car, he says his examiner told him because of his medical condition, he'd need to take the driving portion test as well.

He says it was because of his appearance.

"I don't have a medical condition, when I filled out the paperwork I didn't put a medical condition. Their only reasoning was because of my appearance," says Nolde.

With no points off his license, and nothing more than an occasional speeding ticket, Nolde was surprised, and felt targeted by being asked to do something not everyone has to do.

I spoke to the DMV, and they say despite Nolde's perception, a missing limb does qualify as an impairment and potential road hazard.

"It's just a difference of interpretation, and our interpretation is if someone is missing a part of a limb, then that limb is impaired. And we have a statutory responsibility to ensure that anybody we issue a document to is safe to operate a motor vehicle," says DMV Director Rhonda Lahm.

Nolde says he has no plans to take the driving test, and hopes the DMV will reconsider its stance.

"I know they have a job to do, but leaving that place that day I felt extremely discriminated against, and very little."

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