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Expert says no quick fix for Turf Toe

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By: Jenn Hatcher

By now, we've all seen the boot and heard the term "Turf Toe."

But what exactly is it? And why has it kept starting quarterback Taylor Martinez sidelined for so long?

"If one were to be running, plant your foot, of course you drive off your toes, like this and about the time you get in this position, maybe two or three people come down on top of you and this goes up there and tears tissue down there," says Dr. Pat Clare, one of three orthopedic surgeons that works with the Huskers.

He says usually the injury happens to the big toe and is almost always a football injury.

He says "It's a frustrating condition," though Turf Toe has become less common.

"It was much more of a problem in the older days, some of us are older. The Astroturf was very hard."

We've seen Huskers suffer before, Turf Toe limited playtime for Ahman Green, during the '96 season.

"That was really hard turf and you planted and there wasn't much give," says Clare.

In severe instances the foot can swell and be discolored, but Clare says surgery is extremely rare.

Usually the athlete will spend up to a month in a boot, like Martinez has.

The injury needs to be fully healed to avoid recurrence.

"You re-tear or you re-aggravate and you're right back waiting for a longer period of time," Clare says.

And for Martinez, coach Pelini says they'll wait until he's 100 percent.

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