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Emotional reunion for 911 dispatcher and stroke victim

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By: Jenn Schanz

One week after laying helpless on the floor, Marjie Buls is getting a chance to say thank you to the woman, she says, gave her a second chance at life.

After suffering a stroke, Marjie called 911.

But she couldn't speak.

Chandra Crooks, the dispatcher who answered, thought it may have been a prank or a pocket dial.

When the phone went dead, Chandra called back.

"If it would have been anybody else, I probably wouldn't have been here. She could have dismissed my call as a prank and not taken the extra time and the extra effort to call me back," says Marjie.

Feeling something was wrong, Chandra instructed Marjie to communicate by pounding on the walls.

"They can't really teach you those kind of things. I mean, a lot of it for me was going with my gut," Chandra says.

Marjie, fading by the minute, knew Chandra was her only hope.

She recalls,"please God, let them hear me. Let them hear me and let them find me."

And they did. In just 13 minutes.

Marjie, now back home recovering, calls Chandra her guardian angel. Chandra says she was just doing her job, but admits that everything happens for a reason.

"It was an act of God...and I was meant to get that one."

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