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Nebraska gas prices on the decline

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By: Brittany Paris

Gas prices are going down.

The national average sits at $3.22 per gallon, but according to, Nebraska, as a state, is enjoying even lower prices at the pump.

At $3.01, that's a 35-cent drop from this time last year.

"A big difference," David Swearingion, Lincoln, said. "Especially with today's economy and everything going up in prices. Nice to see something drop finally."

In Lincoln, the average is $3.12, but one gas station is offering unleaded for $2.95. It's Northstar Express on N. 33rd Street.

"That's really sorta nice to have them go down quite a bit. Below 3 dollars is a surprising thing to see. I didn't think it'd get there this quickly," Dennis Mehrhoff, Lincoln, said.

Marc Hausmann, managing member at Northstar Express, says they offer the lowest price they can.

"We base our prices off of what we pay from our whole saler or supplier and we don't base our prices off of our neighbor. We base it strictly off of what we pay."

AAA Nebraska says a few things contribute to lower prices:

An uneventful hurricane season meant no disruption of oil shipping, operations or production.

Ethanol costs are lower due to low corn prices.

And U.S. inventory levels for crude oil and processed fuel are up.

But with the holiday season approaching, will these lower price tags continue?

"Hopefully they stay the same, if not go lower. Especially at a time like the holidays. So I'm hopeful they stay down," Hausmann said.

AAA expects prices to remain low for the rest of the year. And for consumers, that's something to be cheerful about.

"It's amazing. I hope it goes down more," Swearingion said.

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