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Huskers Play Elf

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By: Jenn Hatcher

A former Husker is hoping to make Christmas a little more memorable for some Lincoln kids.

Eric Warfield was a part of two football national championships; he then went on to play pro ball.

During that time he started a program he brought back to Lincoln, which is helping some children have a merrier Christmas.

"This is a little thing I've been doing for the last 7 years," explains Warfield.

Nearly 100 kids received 100 dollar Wal–Mart gift cards Thursday night.

Each kid spent the money differently.

Timothy Sawl bought, "games and markers for my (his) sister."

Tony Bush says, "I got a basketball and a remote control car and I'm going to get something for my brother, sister, mom and dad."

Warfield explains, "You get the kids who don't want to buy Christmas gifts and they just want to buy stuff for their family and get some kids that want to buy groceries and you see what kind of situation they're in."

Husker soccer player, Hannah Dittmar helped one youngster pick out some pets, fish.

"I think it's a good idea, they're fun to watch," says Dittmar.

This is Dittmars second year volunteering.

The kids are all part of the lighthouse after school program.

Where Warfield is also a volunteer, he raised the 10,000 dollars himself.

"If it gives them one item to put under the Christmas tree, that's a smile on my face, it truly means a lot," says Warfield.

He hopes the program continues to grow and can become a long lived annual tradition.

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