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Coldest day of the year brings chills to Lincoln

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

Amy Schlichting said she was surprised when she walked outside. Instead of feeling the sun, she felt a brisk chill.

"Today I didn't bring the hat and gloves because the sun was shining," she said.

Temperatures barely made it into the teens, meaning Amy could have been at risk for frost bite.

"It starts off with a slow tingling, painful burning sensation. The skin quickly turns very, very bright red, the trouble is then it goes numb and people think 'oh I'm okay', but that's when the real serious damage starts to begin," Mike Heyl, a public health educator from the Lancaster County Health Dept., said.

The best way to beat frost bite is to stay out of the cold,  but if you have to be in it, here are some tips to stay safe.

Wear mittens instead of gloves. Having your fingers right next to each other keeps them warmer than when they're separated.

Wear a hat or stocking cap, you lose a lot of body heat through your head.

If you think you have some level of frost bite, soak fingers, toes, or any other areas in warm water, not hot. The hot water will raise your body temperature too fast.

Also, dress in layers.

"The first layer should be something that wipes away moistures from the skin, second layer should be something that absorbs that, third layer might be something that helps block the wind, but definitely the outside layer should be wind proof," Heyl said.

However, Amy said the time it takes to bundle up sometimes isn't worth the hassle.

"I believe I can run to the door faster than what I can wrap up in a blanket," she said.

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