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Quadruplets born in Lincoln

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Posted By:  Brittany Paris

They're the first quadruplets to be born at Bryan Health.  Doctors say they're all healthy and doing well, and mom and dad seem prepared.

Aubrey, Sam, Cole, and Macy... You counted right - that's four newborns.. Their parents were just as shocked when they were told in June.

Ashley and Brian Meyers were anticipating twins when they found out fertility treatments were successful. 

"She starts looking and says okay let's start counting. We were like what do you mean counting? Can't we just tell there's two?"  mom Ashley Meyers said.

They say from then on it was all about planning.

"Did a lot of stuff early on so that we wouldn't have to work so hard at the end."

That includes preparing freezer meals... Getting four of everything.. And stocking up on diapers.

The Meyers estimate they'll go through 10,000 diapers in the next year.  But they won't be completely on their own for about six more weeks while the babies continue to grow stronger in Bryan East's NICU.  They were born on December 7th at 30 weeks.  That's a week earlier than planned, but doctors say that's okay.

Ashley spends a few hours a day doing skin to skin time with her quads.  They all weighed between 3 and 4 pounds.

Aubrey, was born first. Next was Sam.  He was the biggest at 4 pounds.  Then Cole, and finally... Macie.

Sean Kenney, TThe doctor who delivered the babies, says the C–section went well.

"A lot of it is just grab a baby, deliver, grab a baby, deliver, grab a baby, deliver, and it goes pretty fast," Dr. Kenney said.

So fast.. Kenny says all the babies were delivered in 3 minutes, and the entire c–section took just 15.

The Meyers say they always wanted a big family.  They just didn't plan on it being all at once.

Their 5-year-old daughter, Lauren, is excited to be a big sister. They say the last step is to get everyone home.

"Just very lucky. She did great. They're all healthy and the staff here's been wonderful. So we can't ask for any more than that," Dad Brian Meyers said.

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