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Winter running Do's and Don'ts

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Posted By: Camila Orti

The colder temperatures won't stop some from heading outside for their daily exercise.

Even with Sunday's wind chill temperatures diving into the negatives, runners and bikers still hit the trails.

"I think the coldest I've run in was a negative 10 actual temp, not sure what it was for wind chill but that's the coldest I've done, so today is not so bad," runner Laura Ceraolo said Sunday.

For some die–hard runners, the cold weather is no obstacle. For Dave Kohrell, it's no reason to wear pants instead of shorts.

"Yeah, I know, a little crazy," Kohrell said.

He went on a chilly run Sunday (in shorts) with a group of about ten others. Kohrell's been running for 25 years, and follows some rules of thumb to stay warm in the winter.

"Dress in layers, you will warm up, [and] always head into the wind first, so in Lincoln that's typically the North or the West," Kohrell said.

Experts agree, it's all about what you're wearing.

"I've ran for a long time and I've never ever had frost bite out there and I've ran in all kinds of weather," local running expert Ann Ringlein said.

Ringlein is the manager of the Lincoln Running Company. She says bundling up and wearing the right fabrics are key.

"Something that will move the moisture away from your body to the outside of the material and spreads it over a larger area so it can evaporate faster," Ringlein said.

She suggests fabrics like wool or fleece, and to stay away from cotton, which just absorbs moisture.

Besides the gear, Ringlein advises to listen to your body.

"If you're out for very long in this type of wind chill, yeah, it can be dangerous," Ringlein said.

But it won't stop runners from getting their daily fix.

"The fresh air, the sunshine, there's nothing better than that," Ceraolo said.

Another piece of advise from Ringlein is to move speed workouts inside. She says colder temperatures make muscles more prone to injury if you're doing much more than running or jogging.

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