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Attorney General announces legislative package

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

It's been nearly three months since 18-year-old Billy Tucker overdosed on K2.

"He was a good kid, I brought my son with me, this is what I carry today, he's special, but we need to do something about this," his father Steve Tucker said.

Tuesday, holding his son's ashes, Tucker stood by the Attorney General's side as he unveiled his legislative package.

"I am more passionate about the 2014 legislative package than I have been in a long time. Maybe it's that feeling I got a new lease on life," Attorney General Jon Bruning said.

Bruning hopes to update Nebraska's ban on the form of synthetic marijuana, making the definition a little more broad. That way, more combinations of K2 will be illegal and harder to get hold of, especially in stores.

"It has to be tight enough to get the K2 synthetic cannabinoid, but broad enough that when they make a change, you're able to catch it," Bruning said.

His legislative package tackles three other bills.

One protects consumers from patent trolls who acquire patents solely to collect fees or demand settlements from consumers.

The next bill clearly defines sexual harassment and stalking, and provides a penalty for each.

Finally, expanding the definition of child pornography to knowingly or intentionally placing a child in a situation to view a live sex act. Right now, it's only illegal if it's done electronically.

"These are very, very clearly prepubescent children, this is the kind of thing that would make most Nebraskans', decent Nebraskans', stomachs turn," Bruning said.

Bruning said these bills will help keep Nebraskans safe, and by clamping down on K2, he hopes no one feels the same loss as the Tucker family.

"This is growing so fast, it's out of control," Tucker said.

 Since 2003, nearly 85 percent of Bruning's legislative iniatives have been signed into law. The legislative session kicks off Wednesday.

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