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Senator Pirsch to introduce tax relief bill

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Posted By: Camila Orti

The hot topic for this year's legislative session seems to be tax relief. Among the many tax-related bills that have already been introduced, Omaha Sen. Pete Pirsch will be adding another to the mix on Monday.

It has to do with high property taxes, a concept Nebraskans are familiar with.

"Whether it's in the panhandle all the way to the Missouri River, people are very concerned about our high level of property taxes," Sen. Pete Pirsch said.

Pirsch says Nebraskans pay more in property taxes than our six surrounding states and the national average.

With a historically high $725 million sitting in the government's reserve, Pirsch says now is the time to give some back to the people.

"It's not just the right thing to do for Nebraskans, it's the best thing to do for the Nebraska economy," Pirsch said.

He'll introduce a tax relief bill Monday that has three parts. The first will double the amount of money the government provides in property tax relief. The second part will adjust income tax brackets to account for inflation.

"We're adjusting, as time goes on and inflation goes on, that people of modest and low means are not bumping into the higher tax brackets," Pirsch said.

The third section of his bill will help retired Nebraskans pay less on their Social Security income taxes.

Pirsch's bill won't be the first of its kind this year, or the last.

Sen. Jeremy Nordquist introduced a bill Thursday that would also reduce property taxes.

An additional bill introduced Friday by Sen. Paul Schumacher would make Nebraska's graduate student loans tax-deductible.

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