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U.S. Senate candidates speak out

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

Hundreds listened as most of the candidates for U.S. Senate spoke out about the issues facing our country and Nebraska.

It's a Republican-heavy race with five conservative candidates, but two Independents and two Democrats are also looking to win this election.

Minimum wage was one of the big issues discussed between most of the candidates.

"Minimum wage: would I agree with it? No. Why not? Not only because it would increase cost for businesses. It hurts poor people by increasing unemployment," Rep. Bart McLeay said.

Independent candidate Jim Jenkins also stood by keeping minimum wage the way it is.

"I am not big on the government regulating wages or prices or intervening," Jenkins said.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Larry Marvin voiced his tax policy.

"If you want it, pay for it," he said.

This session wasn't just about money. Obamacare is the hot-button issue for this election.

"It's meant to fail, it's meant to be a single–parent healthcare system and I'm saying the same thing I have since 2009 when I led rallies all across the state speaking out against it," Rep. Shane Osborn said.

Republican candidate Sid Dinsdale said he also wants to get rid of Obamacare.

"We need market forces involved with our health care system so that we can have some accountability," Dinsdale said.

Even as an Independent, Todd Watson is backing his republican counterparts.

"I stand 100% with my Republican colleagues on repealing Obamacare, the difference we have as an Independent is we need to be proactive with the plan," Watson said.

These were two of many issues discussed between the candidates, but Republican Ben Sasse said one of his main concerns is fixing the way the government is making decisions.

"It isn't just the nation that's in crisis, it's the Republican Party that's in crisis that keeps electing the same kind of candidates as opposed to actually persuading people," Sasse said.

The primary election is coming up on May 13.


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