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UPDATE: Defense takes the stand for Leamond Pierce Trial

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By: Jenn Schanz

After the court heard from a state trooper Thursday, the prosecution rested its case for the Leamond Pierce trial.

The defense then made a motion to dismiss based on lack of evidence, but that motion was denied.

Now, the defense will call their witnesses. Council expects a verdict by Monday.


Jurors gathered at the Lancaster County Courthouse Thursday for day three of the Leamond Pierce trial.

Pierce, a truck driver and parolee from Delaware, was driving along I–80 near Waverly on a snowy day in December of 2011, when he hit the back of a camry, killing 2–year–old Aidan Curry.

The court heard from a crash reconstruction specialist. The jury saw a lot of diagrams, outlines, and photos, but testimony got a bit delayed, as the prosecution and defense struggled to agree.

The defense objected to several forms of questions by the prosecution. They also had a problem with the prosecution's witness, who was on stand nearly all day. They claimed he wasn't an expert.

The reconstruction specialist, who's also a state trooper, testified that Pierce was going 60 miles per hour at the time of crash, which he says, limited his reaction time.

The prosecution asked: "In your opinion, was Mr. Pierce driving too fast for the conditions on Dec. 3, 2011?"

The trooper responded: "Yes."

In fact, he claimed speed was the primary factor in the accident.

But not just Pierce's; according to his testimony, the Curry's car was going 36 miles per hour.

He said "That was potentially an excessive use of caution."

But the trooper maintained that Pierce's speed was the primary cause of the crash, and the death of Aidan Curry.

Followed by the fact that the semi rode over the back portion of the Curry's camry, causing the inside to crumble.

Lastly, the trooper said the snowy weather didn't help the situation.

If convicted, Pierce faces up to a year behind bars. Still no word if the jury will hear from him. 

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