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Groomer mix up leads to lost dog in Lincoln

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By: Jenn Schanz

Gloria Montgomery has been bringing her dogs to get groomed at the same place for years.

She's always been happy with the service and has never had any problems.

But Tuesday night when her husband picked up their 9–year–old Lhasa Apso Lucy, an unexpected mishap led to a big problem.

"When they brought out the dog, we said Lucy is that really? It don't look like you."

That's because it wasn't.

The groomer accidentally gave Gloria the wrong dog, who looked a lot like Lucy.

She soon realized that, and when she called to get it all straightened out, she learned Lucy had also gone home with the wrong family, who lives in Waverly.

To makes matters worse, Lucy had run away.

Gloria says she never lets Lucy outside by herself, and with the blizzard that left Lincoln with four inches of snow, in these elements, she says she's never been more worried for her safety.

"The cold, the food, the water, Lucy's an indoor dog," she says.

Deborah Noonan, the owner of the groomer Suds & Scissors, isn't taking the mix up lightly. In fact, she's been leading the search to find Lucy. 

"We went out last night when it was so bad out, searched for about four hours. It's really taken a toll on me personally," she says. 

Gloria says friends and family are all working together to help get Lucy home.

The last trace of her was her footsteps in the snow, outside that Waverly home.

If you have any information on Lucy, contact Gloria at 402-464-7235.

To join the search, you can visit the Lost Pets of Lancaster County on Facebook: 

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