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Family members want synthetic marijuana off shelves

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By: Jenn Schanz

March 10, 2012 is a day Lance Dyer will never forget.

It was then when his 14–year–old son, Dakota, died in his arms after a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Dakota had experimented with synthetic marijuana shortly before his death.

"He had never ever tried drugs, it was his first experiment with the synthetics. And it cost him his life," Dyer says.

Now, Dyer is on a mission; to get the substance, which is legal and often comes in the form of potpourri, off the shelves.

Friday, he met with Sheriff Terry Wagner  and Senator kKen Schilz, to discuss legislation that could get it done.

"No father should ever have to go through that," he says.

Dyer was also joined by a father from Waverly, whose 18–year–old son died in October after trying synthetic marijuana.

Rebekah Adolph was there too. Her brother died recently in Kansas, after using the substance.

Dyer spoke to the senator about a resolution to a federal bill that would close some loop holes, and make synthetic marijuana illegal.

He also introduced a portable drug tester, that he says dispels the myth that synthetics can't be tested for.

The family members also want to put pressure on businesses that sell synthetics.

"You're making money and you're supporting yourself but you're also killing other kids and you're hurting other families by selling this stuff, because you want to step around the laws," says Adolph.

I spoke to Sharon Elder, the owner of Dirt Cheap smoke shop.

She says her products aren't to blame, and that parents have a responsibility to know what they're kids are up to.

"If you're child is going to do something they can go to Ace and buy glue, they go to a drug dealer, there's plenty of those in town. If they want something they can get it," she says.

Still, Dyer says he won't stop fighting until synthetics are banned all together.


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