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Helmet law: to repeal or not?

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Posted By: Camila Orti

The legislature is debating a bill that would repeal the helmet law for motorcyclists in Nebraska.

It has many in the riding community wondering whether or not they'll ever have the choice when it comes to wearing a helmet.

The legislature is in the process of debating after Northeast Neb. Sen. Dave Bloomfield introduced his bill, which would give riders above the age of 21 the choice. On his website, Bloomfield says he introduced the bill to uphold people's liberties and encourage more bikers to come through Nebraska.

Long-time motorcyclist Jack Hunter would love to have that option, saying helmets can limit your senses and sometimes make situations more dangerous.

"It's a distraction sometimes when you can't hear when you have your ears covered by the helmet you can't hear traffic coming up with these newer cars that're really quiet," Hunter said.

He says most riders he's talked to also believe motorcyclists shouldn't be forced by law to wear a helmet. In fact, about half the states don't.

Other riders think enforcing a helmet law is for all the right reasons.

"Maybe the law needs to encourage us to do so, being a mom and being a rider, I always wear a helmet," Motorcyclist Michelle Leaber said.

She's been riding motorcycles since she was a teenager, and says putting on a helmet should be second nature to riders.

"I've had a lot of friends that have ridden and been injured and a helmet does do a lot to help protect," Leaber said.

This topic isn't new to the legislature, coming in and out of debate for the last several years.

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