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Salt shortage across country, Lancaster county has good supply

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By: Brittany Paris

It's been a hard winter on most of the country.

Canceled flights, extreme temperatures, power outages and slick roads.

Winter is a little over half over, but most states are running out of road salt.

In Connecticut, the governor declared a state of emergency.

And a town in Pennsylvania posted this on its city website, "All residents are warned that not all roads will be salted and traveling conditions may be dangerous."

But here locally, it's a different story.

"We're sitting really good on a supply of salt," Pam Dingman, Lancaster County Engineer, said.

She says although it's been a cold winter, we haven't had a lot of ice or snow.

In a typical winter, Dingman says at this point in the season, we've already used up about half of our salt supply.

"We've only used about 25 percent of our inventory this year," she said.

Dingman says the county buys about 5,600 tons of salt in the fall.

"We go ahead and we purchase the salt once a year and we fill the storage facilities that we have with that salt so that we don't run into a salt shortage," she said.

We talked to Lincoln's Public Works. They say they have a couple thousand tons of salt on hand and have had to order more.

Because of the shortage, they've been trying to stay ahead of the game.

Dingman says some places buy salt as they need it and that could be why many states are running into trouble.

She says Lancaster County tries to plan for harsh winters.

"We keep our salt on hand for our use, for the use of our citizens so that we can keep our roads safe."

Keep in mind, there's still a lot of winter left. We did get snow in May last year, so we could still dip into our supplies.

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