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UPDATE: Connie Yori recovering after collapse

Posted: Updated: Feb 17, 2014 11:31 AM CST

By: Camila Orti


Nebraska women's basketball coach Connie Yori returned home early Sunday evening after a brief stop at a Lincoln hospital for precautionary tests Sunday afternoon. Yori fainted on the sideline near the 12-minute mark in the second half of the Huskers' win over Indiana at Pinnacle Bank Arena earlier in the day. NU went on to win the game, 76-61, with Associate Head Coach Sunny Smallwood leading the defense and Assistant Coach Dayna Finch guiding the offense.

Yori, who walked off the court under her own power, was suffering from an infection and dehydration.

She rested comfortably at home last night. Neither she nor the Huskers will be available to the media until Tuesday afternoon.

Doctors say it's not unusual to see factors like dehydration and illness triggering a fainting episode. Linc Care Doctor Michael Keralis says he sees fainting patients three to five times a week.

"It's actually a defense to protect the brain," Keralis said.

It's caused by a drop in blood pressure, which could be caused by things like anxiety, stress, standing up too quickly, dehydration and low salt or sugar levels.

"If you don't have enough blood pressure to get an adequate blood flow to your brain then you can black out or faint," Keralis said.

To help prevent dizzy spells and blacking out, Keralis says staying hydrated is key, and not just something we should worry about in the hot summer months.

"It's important for us to drink enough during the day throughout the day that we maintain that blood pressure that we have," Keralis said.

Gatorade and other sports drinks with salt and sugar are a good choice if you're recovering from an illness or will be participating in a vigorous activity.

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