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Landlords participate in hands-on training

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

Becky Stewart is the landlord of 15 units in Lincoln and she said fire safety is already one of her top priorities.

"I'm just very proactive on the non–smoking and taking care of my tenants in my buildings and just want more information," Stewart said.

Especially after one of her buildings almost burned to the ground.

"I had an 8–plex go up in smoke because of fireworks three years ago, but never had the chance to use a fire extinguisher," Stewart said.

She's never had to use an extinguisher, until a fire safety training Wednesday.

"I could feel it in my toes which was kind of odd, but it's kind of a feeling of power that you can put out a fire," Stewart said.

It's a feeling that could help her tenants feel more at ease.

"I think it's going to give them peace of mind knowing that 'hey you know what my landlord cares enough to go to an all day training to come back and tell me how I can be fire safe'," fire investigator Rick Campos said.

Which is something Stewart said she hopes most people around Lincoln will be feeling after this training.

"The more our landlords can be proactive, and take care of their buildings and take care of their tenants, I think the better tenants we'll get, the better building we'll have and keep the quality of buildings and apartments up in Lincoln," she said.

 Along with putting out a few fires, landlords walked away with free smoke detectors to help keep their buildings safe.


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