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Local Ukrainian fears for her country

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Posted By: Camila Orti

As tension continues to rise in Ukraine, so do the concerns of a local Ukrainian.

Over the weekend, thousands of what seem to be heavily armed Russian troops took over Crimea, surrounding Ukrainian military bases and patrolling the streets.

The United States is calling it an invasion, Secretary of State John Kerry has referred to it as a "brazen act of aggression."

Although no shots have been fired in the southern Ukrainian peninsula, Olga Neemann is uneasy.

"If you have a gun on your wall, eventually it will shoot, so the whole situation is scary," Neemann said.

She grew up in Crimea, moving to Lincoln just five years ago. She says she's worried about her mother, who still lives there.

"Especially now that you cannot just fly and bring her here or stay with her, obviously I worry," Neemann said.

The Ukrainian conflict sprouted from protests against the country's now ex–president, Viktor Yanukovych. After Russia got involved, the country became divided between those supporting the Ukrainian interim government, and those welcoming Russia's presence.

Now, the U.S. is discussing diplomatic options.

"A lot of people put hope in the United States and a lot of people put hope in Russia, and this is a major problem," Neemann said.

She says she'd like to see the U.S. and Russia work together to help her country back on its feet, but the direction this conflict is headed leaves a lot of uncertainty.

"It's war, and I do believe that war already started," Neemann said.

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