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Under aged tanning restriction bill advances in Legislature

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By: Jenn Schanz

It's always been a controversial issue; indoor tanning. Does it help boost vitamin D and improve the winter blues, or is it a dangerous way to look sun kissed?

The debate continues here in Nebraska with the Skin Cancer Prevention Act.

It was introduced by Senator Nordquist back in January, and aims to restrict indoor tanning for minors under 16.

Tuesday, an amendment to the bill was adopted, which requires not only written parental consent, but also requires a parent to be present while their child tans.

Those supporting the bill say given the risks of indoor tanning, a note just isn't enough.

Norquist asked the legislature, "if we should do things with parental notes and let parents do things, should we allow parents to send their kid with a note, a 14–year–old, to buy a pack of cigarettes?" 

The amendment passed unanimously, but there wasn't a shortage of opposition.

"I think this is not what we should be spending our time on, but if you want to spend your time on it, I've got plenty of time to spend," said Senator Kitner. 

Some are concerned the bill is a slippery slope towards private sector regulation.

"To restrict individual decision making and making it legislative rather than public common sense or public policy, that is concerning," said Senator Brasch. 

But tanning salons say most of the requirements in the bill, they already meet.

According to Max Tan owner Michelle Grubbs, "Everyone that's under 16, we already get their parental consent. There are warning signs on all of our equipment."

While increased regulation is also a concern for salons, Grubbs says they don't mind the legislation, but hope that it stops here.

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