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Bill supporters deliver petition signatures

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

For the last year, Jason Holling and his partner have been trying to adopt a child, but they hit a roadblock.

"What's going to happen? There's only one of us recognized as the parent in Nebraska, not both of us," Holling said.

The state of Nebraska doesn't allow unmarried couples, gay or straight, to adopt and doesn't allow second parent adoption to those couples. Meaning, if Holling and his partner adopt a child, only one of them can be the legal guardian. If something were to happen to the legal guardian, the other parent might not get custody of their child.

"That's the only parent that child's ever known their entire life and they could be taken away as a result of not being recognized as the second parent," Holling said.

Some lawmakers are trying to help families like Holling's.

"All children deserve a loving family, the idea that a lack of legal recognition could prevent a mother or father from parenting their child has never sat right with me," Nebraska senator Sara Howard said.

It doesn't sit well with thousands of Nebraskans either. Supporters of the bill delivered two thousand post cards and two thousand petition signatures from Nebraskans who support the bill.

"It felt like we had an army of people behind us, supporting our choice to adopt," Holling said.

An overwhelming support that Holling said he will share with his future son or daughter.

"We wanted to stand up and do what's right for our child in the future," he said.

 The bill is still waiting for a vote from the judiciary committee.

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