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Bryan Health Report: Back Pain-6/8/201

Do you suffer from back pain?  Bryan Health doctors say it's something they treat a lot! Marlene King has been living with lower back pain for the past 5 prevents her from doing every day tasks like lifting grocery bags and cleaning her cupboards, but now that she's been treated at Bryan Health she can once again do those seemingly simple chores.

About four times a year, she gets an epidural steroid injection, something that Bryan Health doctors say they do for hundreds of patients. "They work great. By the time he's done, i'm total pain free, it's wonderful."  "For me, it's for the patient's sake. They can go back into their lives, do all the activities they want to be doing pain free", says Marlene

If you think you're in need of this kind of treatment, call Bryan Health at 402-481-3095 to set up an appointment.

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