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Hail damage in Raymond, Davey

By: Kayla Bremer

On Monday, parts of Nebraska were pelted by huge hail. 

Leaves stripped from trees and small branches covered the streets and yards of the houses in Raymond after severe thunderstorms shook the area.

"The noise was just the worst noise I've ever heard," Terri Bloom said.

Large hail slammed into houses and cars for several minutes early Monday morning. Any cars left outside, unprotected took a heavy hit.

"Every bit as big as a baseball. Every bit as big," Bloom said.

Her property had minor damage, but her neighbors closer into town weren't so lucky. One car's back window basically shattered as the baseball sized hail went right through leaving large holes and denting the car's body.

The storm then moved northeast towards Davey, dropping more heavy rain and large hail along the way.

"I thought for sure the windows were going to go but they held," Elizabeth Shanahan said.

Many residents saved the hailstones, some collecting bags of it ranging in all sorts of different sizes from a quarter to nearly a baseball.

"This is the third time we've gotten hit by hail but this is the most, the biggest that we've seen," Shanahan said.

Residents say the storms moved through pretty quickly but it was just long enough to do damage. Thankfully, no reports of any injuries. 
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