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Customers asking questions after business closes

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Payless Optical Outlet near 70th and O Streets is closed, and the reason why is a mystery.

"It was locked up and they had said that they were open, we checked the store hours in advance and there was nobody there," Dana Papez said.

Papez is visiting town and was referred to Payless Optical. She looked up the store's information on Google, and there was no indication that the store was closed.

Some said the business hasn't been closed for long. Ann Cotter and her husband went to Payless Optical on Tuesday to get a pair of glasses repaired. Cotter said the sales clerk made no indication that they were going out of business.

"She said call me back in a day or so and let me know how they do," Cotter said.

By Friday, Payless Optical was gone.

"I thought, 'well I'm going to call and see if anybody's in it.' It rang and rang, and rang, and rang, and no one answered, no one picked up, no message, nothing," she said.

The store left a sign on their door saying they'll send orders out to customers, and that they're out of business.

We called the number provided on the sign, but they did not wish to comment. We also reached out to Meridian Park officials. They did not return our call.

"I don't know how they can do that. I mean, if that were me and I had paid for a pair of glasses and I didn't have them in hand, I would be concerned whether I'm going to get them, if they're the right ones or what," Cotter said.

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