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App Store at 6: Michael Hageloh Says Apps are Lifeblood of Apple Ecosystem

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Former Apple executive Michael Hageloh reflects on six years of the App Store—and what it says about Apple’s identity.

Earlier this month, Apple’s App Store turned six years old—a milestone celebrated throughout the tech industry. In a new statement to the press, Apple sales veteran Michael Hageloh reflects on what the App Store really says about Apple as a company—and suggests that it is, in many ways, the company’s very heartbeat.

“The impact of the App Store is really incalculable, not just for Apple but for the technology industry more broadly,” comments Hageloh, in his statement to the press. “The App Store represents a turning point in the democratization of technology. It represents the iOS platform being opened up for collaboration and creativity. It’s not just Apple developers telling consumers what they can and can’t do with their devices, but also enabling them to have an input in shaping what Apple devices are capable of.”

Hageloh goes on to remark on his own experiences in app development. “My work with the company was with higher education products, and in my time on college and university campuses I personally led a number of Apple-sponsored app development sessions,” he remembers. “Many Computer Science majors turned out at these events, looking to bring their own creativity to the Apple ecosystem. However, what really stood out to me was the number of non-technical majors—dance majors, business majors, and the like—who showed up, armed with their own savvy ideas about what an Apple app could do. All of them believed in the power of technology to change the world, and the App Store put that power directly into their hands.”

In many ways, Hageloh says, app development is a more inviting and accessible thing than development for a desktop program. “There is something about developing a program for a desktop that seems daunting, whereas developing an app for a little handheld device seems much more doable,” he says. “That’s another factor in the app store’s role as a technological democratizer.”

Michael Hageloh also affirms that app development underscores key concepts about Apple’s identity as a company. “App development is all about creativity, openness, and collaboration,” he says. “In addition, because these apps are shared among your different devices, there is a very real sense in which the App Store underlines Apple’s identity as a hardware company, first and foremost. Truly, the App Store is the lifeblood of the Apple device ecosystem.”

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Serving as director of special projects focused on the sales education initiative at the University of South Florida, Michael Hageloh is a proven sales executive with more than 20 years of experience.

Much of that experience is with Apple Inc., where he began in the company’s education division in 1988. Hageloh moved into a crucial role within Apple’s sales organization. In that role, he developed a vertical education selling strategy and forged relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and other influencers in the education and technology spheres. He also acquired experience in a key academic sales role at Adobe, where he facilitated, along with French banking and financial services firm Socit Gnrale, a unique single licensing transaction valued at $11.7 million. Overall, Hageloh delivered close to a billion dollars in revenue during the course of his career.

Hageloh is the creator of the Rhythm-Selling System. He’s a high spirited author, a beat-ahead thinker, and a charismatic authentic talker. Hageloh can be contacted online via his website,, his Facebook page, and on Twitter.

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