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Cost saving tips as Lincoln hits 102 degrees

By: Bill Schammert

As the sun scorched the capital city on Monday, hundreds of kids at Trago Spray Park were more than happy to play outside.

"It's nice and kind of windy," mother Edith Titemoh said. "We're just happy to see the kids cool down."

Other parents agreed. A slight breeze made the 102-degree heat a little more bearable.

"We ran over here," mother Tina Bloomfield said. "Didn't bring our swimsuits, but we're having fun."

July 21st was Lincoln's first 100-degree day of the year. It's a far cry from 2013's record setting May 14th, the earliest the capital city had ever hit triple digits. Still, it's basically an average summer so far. In fact, since records started being kept in 1887, there have been 24 years when Lincoln never even hit the century mark. 

When temperatures go up, so do those Lincoln Electric System bills. Marc Shkolnick, Master of Energy Services at LES, says it all starts with the thermostat.

"For every one degree up you go, you'll save about two-to-three percent in cooling costs," Shkolnick said. 

He had several tips for how to decrease the increase you'll likely see on next month's bill:

    - Make sure all windows are closed and shut your curtains
    - Adjust your thermostat when gone for extended periods of time
    - Don't use your oven
    - Make sure your furnace filter is clean and free of dirt

For other energy savings tips from LES, click here.

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