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Growing appeal and concerns of E-Cigarettes

Growing appeal and concerns of E-Cigarettes

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 By: Jenn Schanz

It's the new way to enjoy a cigarette almost anywhere; instead of smoke, E–cigarettes use a liquid vapor to supply nicotine.

"Since they've came on the market we've seen a huge spike in sales," says Mellissa Austin, owner of Wicked Smoke. 

Lincoln vapor stores say part of E–cigarette's appeal is that you can choose how much nicotine you want. You can start at 24 milligrams and work your way down to zero, ideal for people trying to quit.

For non–smokers, E–cigarettes aren't as noticeable.

"It limits the smell that's around you and the toxins, I suppose," says Keith Ashcraft of Lincoln.

But are E–cigarettes really a safe alternative to smoking? Doctors are at a stand still.

"In some ways, these may be a little more healthy than a combustion cigarette," says Dr. John Trapp, a Pulmonologist. 

Compared to a traditional cigarette, E–cigarettes don't have tar, which has been linked to several long term illnesses. They also don't give off smoke, but instead a liquid vapor.

Both cigarettes generally have nicotine, which is addictive. And unlike traditional cigarettes, E–cigarettes have Propylene Glycol, which experts say we haven't studied long enough.

They say the same thing about the chemical given off by the vapor, which can be taken in second hand.

"I'd really hate to see that 25 years from now we come back and say, gosh those chemicals that were in those electronic cigarettes now we know cause heart disease, brain disease, other types of disease types that we were really unaware of at the time," says Trapp. 

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