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Flooding in York

Flooding in York

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By: Jenn Schanz

Flash flooding in York has left much of the city's parks underwater.

Monday night, reports of four to six inches of rain led to massive overflow of small creeks and rivers, like Beaver Creek, which used to be just a few feet wide.

"There's a bunch of walking trails and bike trails down in there," says Stephenie Hammons, who works near Beaver Creek. 

A local skate park also took a hit. Most of the rails are still in tact, but the area is surrounded by a massive pond. 

Crosby Kath and his friends planned to skate there Tuesday afternoon, but won't be doing much of that for a while.

"This is definitely the local skater spot. It's going to be a big team effort to get it all cleaned up. We'll have to be down here with some brooms, and like I said, it'll be a big team effort to get it all cleaned up and skate-able again," Kath says.

The tennis courts at Beaver Creek Park are also no longer usable.

York doesn't keep flood records, so it's hard to say if this is the most overflow the city has ever had, but many people say they've never seen creeks this high.

"My basement flooded. I've lived there for three years and it's never flooded. And now it's like six foot on the south wall and three foot on the west wall," Hammons says. 

Many backyards, like Brandon Walker's, now look more like lakes

"There's a slant in it, and it slants up. So it's almost like a bowl. I  mean, never had a pool but I guess i have a pool now," Walker says. 

Just a few miles down the road, Beaver Creek has flooded a pedestrian bridge, which now has rapids building up over it. Residents say the surrounding area could take days if not weeks to be used again. 

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