Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

More than 900 people packed into the Pinnacle Bank Arena Tuesday, May 12th to discuss ways to improve the capital city. A study has just been completed and although our unemployment rate continues to go down, household incomes are also going down. One statistic that has a lot of government and business leaders worried is the number of Lincoln kids living in poverty. According to "Lincoln Vital Signs 2015" it's one in five.

"20 percent of your kids who may never be sophisticated enough to handle the ever increasing technical high–tech jobs that we need to have filled in the city, that's going to be a problem for us," says Mayor Chris Beutler.

During today's event more than 200 ideas and ways to help Lincoln improve have been submitted. Prosper Lincoln are accepting more ideas from everyone until July 1st. If you want to submit an idea visit