Posted By: Nolan Crane

Students at Arnold Elementary School are learning the value of persuasive writing. They're using their skills to help The Cat House. Here's Thursday, July 16ths "Excellence in Education" report.

These students are spending their summer trying to make a difference. Using pen and paper they're hoping to find homeless cats a loving family. Using the cats' photos and a list of facts, they're writing a story about each of them. Some of these students are also learning about the importance of social media.

"We're using Twitter today, and I started off with like along biography, but then my teacher told me I had to make it shorter," says Mari Culley.

"Writing can be fun and can be used to help. We have a couple of students that want to be vets, so maybe they can write and be vets," says Allison Fredericks.

The goal is for the students to do such a great job, The Cat House will post their work for everyone to see. This class is one of several Free summer camps put on by Expanding Horizons.