Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Pictures of survivors will soon fill social media outlets. Every one of them has remarkable story of success.

They are trauma survivors.

Bryan Trauma Center is where some of their stories begin.

"We fight our hardest, we are the last ones to give up, because you never know and we give everyone the best possible chance of survival we can," Reginald Burton, Director of Trauma, said.

Bryan Trauma Center works tirelessly to turn life threatening injures, into recoveries.

Cory Mohnike is one of their survivors.

He had just started working at Bryan West as a respiratory therapist.

On April 9th 2004 the roles were reversed. Cory became the patient, waking up in his own ICU.

"I did not know what was going on, my family was not around, and it took all of the nurses to come in and calm me down," Mohnike, said.

Mohnike was in a car accident. He suffered from serious injuries to his brain and other parts of this body.

Now, he is back to work at the hospital. He is still a respiratory therapist, but also plays a role as an emotional therapist. He relates to what other patients are going through.

"I let some of the families know that were going to have good days and were going to have bad days, but were going to have mostly good days and staying positive," Mohnike, said.

May 18th is a day dedicated to people like Mohnike who need and want to show support.

It’s National Trauma Survivor's Day, a community wide support event that Bryan's Trauma Center participates in.

They believe the road to recovery does not stop once the patient leaves the hospital.

For more information about how to participate go to this link.