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UPDATE: Lincoln Police say the two inmates who escaped Friday are still on the loose Saturday morning.

"We encourage residents to keep a watchful eye out and to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately," said Lt. Colonel Thomas Schwarten, Assistant Superintendent Nebraska State Patrol. "We continue to follow leads and the search for the suspects is ongoing."

Anyone who sees an individual matching the description of the escapees should call 911, the Nebraska State Patrol Highway Helpline at *55 from any cell phone or Lincoln Crimestoppers at (402) 475-3600.


Two escaped inmates, 37 year old Armon Dixon and 52 year old Timothy Clausen, also known as T.C. are still on the run.

Around 9:30 this morning a maroon truck was stolen from a church near Warlick Blvd and Highway 77.

The Sheriff's Office chased them to the area of 18th and G, where they crashed the car the ran away on foot. The sheriff's office lost sight of them around 10:30.

Around 12:30 a count at the Lincoln Correctional Center facility off west Van Dorn revealed that the two men had escaped.

Throughout the afternoon several leads came in for where the men may be, but the sheriff's office focused mainly on two areas: 25th and Saltillo road- where they set up a perimeter searched with a helicopter, police dogs and on foot.

The other location is 18th and G where a woman reported seeing Dixon around 2:00, then again at 5:30. Police flocked to the scene just after 6:00 set up a perimeter, and searched the building for several hours with k9's and the helicopter.

Around 8:30 police told residents of the building that it was clear. Officers began searching house to house down the block for the men.

Ultimately, the men were not found, they encourage Lincoln residents to lock their doors, be vigilant and call police if you see anything out of the ordinary with your home, or if you see the men.

Officers will continue to stay on scene near 18th and G, Saltillo and other locations throughout the night. They say the men are dangerous, and by now could be anywhere.

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Update from Lincoln Police Department:

If residents in the area of south Lincoln, specifically S. 18th  & G Streets, come home to find evidence their house may have been entered (cut window screen, damaged door, etc.), they are urged NOT to enter. Instead, call 911 immediately. With the search underway for the two escaped inmates, it’s possible they may have taken shelter at an unoccupied home in the area.

Two inmates are missing from the Lincoln Correctional Center. National Department of Corrections says Armon Dixon, 37, and Timothy Clausen, 52, are considered dangerous and should not be approached. If you see either of the men, call police. Department of Corrections says escape procedures have been activated.