Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

PC Users , there's a new scam that you should know about that’s targeting Windows users with the latest update.

There's a pop up that appears saying it's Windows 10 and you need to call customer service.

That's where the problems begin.

"If you call that number, it will be like a fake technician that would say let me remote into your computer and from there they might install malware and adware,” Quick Connect Technician Evan Piveral said.

From there, the scammers can control your computer and get your personal information.

Computer technicians said they can even hold your PC for ransom.

They said  the scammers are clever and it's easy to be fooled.

"Some times they can get into there and look for that information and use that against you or try maybe steal your identity,” Piveral said.

If your computer is acting funny or has many pop–ups while browsing the internet, it could be infected.

Experts recommend you bring it in for a good clean up.

They also suggest you should invest in a good antivirus or malware software to protect your PC

If you do encounter this scam, techs also said you should shut down your machine.

They want to remind people that this scam is not related to Microsoft.

"Microsoft doesn't put out malicious pop ups like I said it's scammers trying to pretend they are them to gain people's trust and then get into their computer,” Piveral said.