Local students had today off school as part of Thanksgiving break. But that didn't stop of a group of kids from learning something new.

"My favorite part are the different activities that are set up." says Blake, a sixth grader.

The Belmont Community Center is a place where kids can combine learning and fun. Today kids learned about anagrams, read books, and made Thanksgiving themed crafts.

The Belmont Community Center has morning and afternoon programs each week for area students. The programs benefit parents too.

"A place to take their kid where they don't have to worry about them getting in trouble or them being injured or being bullied or anything like that. So we just try to take care of them, keep them safe and happy, and hopefully they learn something along the way. And mom and dad picks them up and takes them home, " says Trey Zimmerman, the center's executive director.

More than fifty students take part in the Belmont Community Center programs. Kids from preschool to middle school can attend.