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Protesters gather for anti-Trump rally

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Posted by: Abigail Wood

The gloom and rain didn't keep people away from Sunday's anti-Trump rally at the capitol. It was an event put together by a few strangers who met on Facebook and decided to arrange a series of protests leading up to inauguration day.

"There's so many people that are disenfranchised by this, and I think it's our duty as Americans to speak out and to support other people when they're getting marginalized," said coordinator Chelsea Dappen, a senior at Nebraska Wesleyan.

The group is also calling for an end to the electoral college, since President Elect Donald Trump won despite Hillary Clinton receiving the popular vote.

"We're not trying to delegitimize this election," said another coordinator, Josiah Johnson. "What we're really asking people to do is have an open mind and consider changing that system."

In light of nation-wide protests following the election, the coordinators of this rally prioritized non-violence.

"We're just here exercising our rights, and we don't want anyone to get hurt," Johnson said.

Across the street, one supporter, Jack Pietenpol, stood with a Trump/Pence sign. He says he's not here to start a fight, and he has no problem with the peaceful protest.

"That's our first amendment right," he said. "That's what I spent 23 years in the Marine Corps defending people's right to protest peacefully. As long as it remains peaceful there's no problems. We're all Nebraskans and I think we're pretty much level headed and can do that without violence."

Jack just wants the people across the street to know that he, and many like him that voted for Trump this election, also stand against intolerance, racism, and phobia.

"We're your neighbors, your coworkers," Pietenpol said.

The people protesting today say they don't necessarily want popular vote only, which is the kind of mob rule the electoral college was created to check; then just want the system re-evaluated.

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