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Farm damaged by Pilger tornado

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Posted By: Nicole Cousins

A tornado touched down near Pilger Wednesday afternoon causing some damage.

Denis Oswald had just filled up his semi truck when it hit. He had barely enough time to make it to a tin shed before getting caught in the mess.

"You know it just sounded like a heck of a wind," says Oswald.

A close call in rural Pilger, Nebraska; a tornado touching down on top of this farm just before 4:00 p.m., giving Oswald seconds to escape.

"I backed the truck up away from the fuel barrel and I'm lucky, I just got backed up because basically, it's out of the line where the debris hit. Then I went to that little office shed," says Oswald.

The Oswald family's storage shed flattened. Debris tossed into trees. Tractors buried.

The gust strong enough to rock his home off its foundation.

"And the gravel was already hitting and I could hardly get the door open. My wife was inside and she pushed it open," says Oswald.

His family says in the more than two decades living here, they've seen nothing like this on their property, but it pales in comparison to the twin twisters that rocked Pilger in June 2014.

"I mean a guy could have gotten hit and killed with all this stuff. Awful lucky," says Oswald.

Oswald says his belongings and everything that got destroyed can be replaced. What can't be replaced is his family. We're happy to say they're all safe tonight.

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