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Traffic signal retiming on the clock for Lincoln streets

Traffic signal retiming on the clock for Lincoln streets

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Drive time in Lincoln can be frustrating, especially when you're a part of stop and go traffic.

That's something City Traffic Engineer Lonnie Burklund and his division are addressing.

"The thing we haven't done yet is implement traffic signal timings," Burklund said Wednesday.

Lincoln's traffic engineering department is in the middle of revamping its decades-old system through its initiative called Green Light Lincoln.

It's the same project that brought the city flashing yellow left turn arrows to improve traffic flow and safety.

With Lincoln's 430 traffic lights, its a big undertaking.

"Its not a perfect science everywhere, but we try to monitor traffic remotely and make adjustments," Burklund said.

Which takes us  back to signal retiming.

Burklund said many of the city's traffic sensors at intersections are underground, and at least 30 percent are malfunctioning.

The new plan is to add cameras and radar to detect when cars pull up to a red light.

"Just the technology has come a long way in the last  few years. The camera systems, the new radar systems, the equipment we have in the field is really plug and play," he said.

So  far, about 100 traffic detection cameras have been installed, but not updated.

Burklund said his agency hopes to roll out a new traffic signal timing schedule for Lincoln's nine busiest corridors by October, and expects to see major results.

"[You will see] improvements in traffic flow, less delays, less stops, less vehicles that are idling," he said.

The department will eventually retime every corridor in the city, with a long-term goal of updating its software program to easily control traffic at every light.

If you have questions, want to check on the progress or learn more about the department's efforts, call their on-call number at 402-441-5511, or visit their website.

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