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Some fear future of healthcare pending Medicaid changes

Some fear future of healthcare pending Medicaid changes

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"I was not sure I was going to make it, but this last year with the help of Medicaid, I have been able to get on prescription medications that I have needed, I have been able to go to physical therapy and see specialists,” Amanda Gershon, Medicaid, said.

Fear for a healthy future is on the minds of some Nebraskans.

"I am terrified of going back to where i was,” Gershon, said.

The most recent version of the American Health Care Act, passed by the House in May, would cut $880 billion from Medicaid.

It's up for revision in the Senate right now and Nebraskans are worried how federal cuts will affect their health care.

"Medicaid becomes the piggy bank that the state uses to fill in those other holes,  Jeff Sheldon, Nebraska Appleseed, said. “So what they are doing is they are taking funding for kids and seniors and people with disabilities and they are just plugging holes in other parts of the budget."

Under the plan, Medicaid’s state and federal partnership would change to a per capita cap system. That system would give states a certain amount of federal money per enrollee.

Something a representative of the Nebraska GOP thinks our state can fiscally handle.

"We would like to see the states administer it in a way that makes the most fiscal sense to each state,” Kenny Zoeller, NE GOP Executive Director, said. “The needs for the disabled and the elderly and pregnant population in California are going to be vastly different than the needs here in Nebraska."

But, members of Nebraska Appleseed say those funds won't keep up with health care costs.

"It’s very possible that whatever that amount it is will be exceed by what people actually need and the state will have to make up a difference,” Molly McCleery, NE Appleseed, said.

The GOP says its premature to predict what cuts will be made.

"The Senate is going to deliberate and the Senate is going to make sure that the bill looks even better than it did when the house passed," Zoeller, said.

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