Posted By: Channel Eyewitness News

Attributed to: Nemaha County Sheriff Office

On Thursday evening, June 15th, at about 6 p.m. a deputy of the Nemaha County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the area of 8th and 'N' Streets in Auburn for a complaint of a reckless driver. As the deputy initiated contact with an individual believed to be involved with the reckless driving, the individual's dog, initially chained up by the owner, broke loose and was aggressively coming toward the deputy. The deputy shot at the dog and in doing so a third party near the residence received a small laceration to his arm from what appears to be a piece of shrapnel that ricocheted. The individual struck by the shrapnel declined medical treatment initially; however, did agree to and was seen at the Nemaha County Hospital a short time later at the request of law enforcement.

The incident is being investigated by both the Nebraska State Patrol relating to the injury of the individual and the Nemaha County Sheriff's Office relating both to the harboring of a potentially dangerous dog and the discharge of a deputy's firearm resulting in the injury of a person, as it relates to Sheriff's Office policy.