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Air Park neighborhood

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Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News

A mess of fallen trees and debris is what many woke up to Saturday morning in Lincoln’s Air Park neighborhood.

The residents who saw the storm happen, say they remember it vividly.

"Extreme amounts of thunder, extremely loud thunder, bright cracks of lightning,” Ross Stroud said. “It even got my neighbor's tree right there which was extremely loud and it just kept going and going."

Two younger residents, Alexis Pescador,9, and Jessica Johnson, 13, witnessed a similar sight.

"I saw lightning and thunder and rain, really heavy rain. A whole bunch of hail and a whole bunch of trees falling– like trees flying in the air,” they said.

Emergency Management Services says the main concern in last nights storm were the high winds, with 80 mph gusts reported in Lancaster County.

"We saw a huge branch in our yard, my mom was like 'oh it's just a branch, we'll pick it up' and we walked a little bit further in our yard and it was an entire tree, pretty terrifying,” Emina Mrkaljevic said.

That's what has Air Park residents coming together to clean up.

"Started about 7:30 this morning and just worked our way down our neighbor's and helped them all out and everything and that's what you gotta do,” Stroud said. “Just band together and help each other out."

"There's now way we'd be able to clean this all up by ourselves– we've definitely had a lot of help,” Nermina and Emina Mrkaljevic said.

EMS officials they're not setting up tree drop of locations yet, but that could change.

"As they get a better assessment of the extent of the damage and the number of trees that may be involved they can always identify sites where if you do have limbs or other tree debris on your property you may be able to drop it off,” Jim Davidsaver with EMS said. 

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