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Lacing up to fight multiple sclerosis

Lacing up to fight Multiple Sclerosis

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Photo Credit: MS Run the US Photo Credit: MS Run the US

Eighteen people, 3,100 miles and four months -- that's what a nonprofit called MS Run the US is doing to raise money and awareness for multiple sclerosis.

Today's leg kicked off at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, where Loren Ollenberger is headed for Des Moines. "190 a day, so its basically a marathon every day for a week," he said. The California native is runner number 11 on the cross country journey from Los Angeles to New York City. As he picked up the baton Monday morning before the sun rose at 6 a.m., he had his motive on his mind. "13 years ago I woke up one morning and my body wasn't my own. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, my limbs didn't work properly my vision was blurred and ultimately through a series of tests, we learned that I had MS," Ollenberger said. "It was the scariest thing I had ever gone through, nothing I had ever known about."

MS is a disease that causes nerve damage. It affects everyone differently, but it can take away your vision, and even your ability to run.
that's why Loren's story is so impressive. "The fact that I'm here today able to run even one day, let alone seven days," Ollenberger reflected. "Yeah I never thought I would be here." He's not the only one. Wisconsin native Angela McMurray was diagnosed two years ago. This year, she trekked 100 miles through eastern Colorado, celebrating her victory at the finish line. "So emotional," she said in a Facebook video posted to the MS Run the US page. "Three years ago I couldn't get off my couch and walk around the block because of my MS. Here I am doing 100 miles in Colorado in six days."
The quest isn't easy. Loren said it's the people he's laced up and raised more than $22,000 for that keep him going.
That, and the three words he lives by: "Strength through adversity."  

"I don't want to wake up each morning and run 15 miles or 20 miles," he said. There's days that its just a grind. Whether its running or something completely different -- at the end of the journey its worth it. Even though every day is going to be adversity of some sort, having the strength to overcome it is key to winning the battle." If you'd like to follow Loren on his journey, or if you would like to learn more about MS run the US, click here.

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