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Testimonies continue regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline

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It was day two of formal hearings regarding the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska.

TransCanada continued to make its case for building the project before the Public Service Commission Tuesday.

The debate focused on environmental impacts along the route.

Lawyer Brian Jorde is fighting for the pipeline not to be built, but says if it must it should be next to the existing one in eastern Nebraska.

He said the soil is better suited for possible leaks and lesser chances of destroying natural resources like water.

Jorde also said the route in Nebraska about 65 miles shorter than the TransCanada’s proposal as well.

"It doesn't make any sense to cut across the soil types and the land types of Key Peha county, Boyd county, Holt county  and northern Antelope,” Attorney Brian Jorde said.

TransCanada says this pipeline is one the most researched projects and it has considered heavily the geological outcomes.

It said it has looked into the suggested pathway along the existing pipeline.

The company said the proposed route is the best way when you look at the full picture.

"The route he suggested has actually been analyzed and studied as part of the environmental certificate and it was deemed less preferable because of the route in its entirety disturbs the least amount of land,” TransCanada Spokesman Matthew John said.

There was also some discussion about the long term effects of the project and altering of the land where it won't be useful to Nebraska farmers and ranchers in future.

"Just the impact of on what they do to the ground is going to make a difference,” Landowner Earl Miller said.

TransCanada said it has been successful restoring ground in the past.

It stands firm by its application.

"We’re absolutely confident it can be safe. I think we made a good case today. We answered a lot questions,” John said.

The Public Service Commission won't make a decision at the end of this week after the hearing.

It does have to issue one before November 23rd.

The commission can accept or deny the application. It can also make modifications like choosing an alternative route.

Nebraska is the only state that hasn't approved the Keystone XL pipeline permit.

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